The nourishment you need.

The nurturing you deserve.

And the support that will help you thrive.


Naomi is a certified post-natal doula who lives with her husband, daughter and dog in Sydney’s inner west. She believes every woman deserves a postpartum period that's restful, rejuvenating and respectful of the massive transition into motherhood.

How? Well, by taking a cue from cultures around the world. From Africa to Europe, women are encouraged to eat well, chill out and focus on bonding with their baby during the first month to six weeks. In China, female relatives cook up storms in the kitchen as women observe zuo yue zi, or the ‘golden month’. In Latin America, women rest and recuperate during la quarentena. In India, women are massaged daily and often eat according to Ayurvedic traditions.

Countries around the world have similar rituals and traditions around postnatal care. What do they have in common? Rest, good food, comforting touch, warmth and social support where the new mother feels cared for deeply. It’s all about stepping back, slowing down, healing and resting, in order to transition healthily and happily from expectant parent to mother. Family and friends mother the new mother and treat her as gently as a newborn.

It’s a far cry from the isolation, anxiety and pressure that new mothers in Western cultures often feel. Researchers have shown that good postpartum support is effective at protecting against postnatal mood disorders. A lack of support? Well, that’s been shown to be a contributing factor to depression.


Cocoon offers a modern take on these ancient rituals with two options. Want to fuel and strengthen your body with nutrient-dense food delivered straight to your doorstep? Naomi’s cooking up a storm right now. Fancy someone running you a healing bath, handing you a cup of tea and holding the baby while you relax (while taking care of the laundry)? She’s got your back. Literally—she’ll give you a shoulder rub.

Naomi is insured, has a Working With Children Check and is a graduate of the Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional course.

A percentage of Cocoon’s profits is donated to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) and Birthing Kit Foundation Australia.