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I’ve created a podcast dedicated to the beauty and brutality of new parenthood - because giving birth is just the beginning. Each week I talk to women about their postpartum experiences and ask experts to share their wisdom.

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EPISODE 14 | Alana Saphin Polchleb: "I had to build my village from scratch"
In this week's episode, I interview Alana, a mum of two living and working in New York City. During her twenties, Alana imagined that having a baby wouldn't interfere much with her life and career--she'd schedule a c-section and get on with it. But yoga teacher training just before her wedding--and an introduction to natural birth--changed her plans. Alana shares how, with the help of hypnobirthing, she had a 'euphoric' first birth in Singapore. Yet despite having a good support system, she reverted back to that "getting on with it" mindset during her postpartum, pushing herself with exercise, being out and about... and watching it impact both her milk supply and her mental health. 
Alana's story is both hard and inspiring: from her experience of miscarriage and postnatal depression to a second postpartum period that started well but was disrupted by a sudden move to New York when her baby was eight weeks old, and how she built a community of friends from the ground up. To hear all about it, tune into this week's show.