Support when you need it most.

In-home visits, live workshops and 1:1 Skype postpartum planning sessions.


In-home Support

Bringing a baby home is one of the happiest—and hardest—things we do. Because BAM! You just gave birth and yeah, that isn’t easy. BOOM! You’re trying to work out how to keep a tiny human alive and all the new ways your body is working. WHACK! Everyone’s telling you different things and OH GOD you just need some sleep.

That shift into motherhood is one of the biggest transitions of your life, and you need support. Not just the practical stuff (although that does help) but the reassurance that you’ve got this (because you do).

Naomi gets it. She’s been there. And that’s why she’s happy to help out. She’s the non-judgmental cheerleader, coach, confidant and concierge who’s going to be by your side while you make this major move into a new world of parenthood (whether it’s your first or your fourth, the journey is going to be new to you).

Let her support you and help things run smoothly while you focus on what matters: bonding with your bub and easing your way into this trip called motherhood.

Alongside face-to-face visits, you’ll receive a postpartum planning session before baby arrives, Naomi’s specialised post-natal food package and three exclusive post-natal yoga and breathwork videos from yoga teacher Monique Blackwell of Little Things Yoga.

So what happens on a visit? Naomi will help out with any and all of the following—rather than a set list of duties, she’ll step in where you need her:

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Organising a meal train with your friends and family - so you don’t have to

  • Troubleshooting common early issues

  • Shoulder rubs

  • Herbal baths (let Naomi watch the baby)

  • Belly binding

  • Navigating visitors and well-meaning advice

  • Bringing a little order to your home

  • Laundry

  • Time out for you

Packages range from $549 to $5200


Live Workshops

You want to set yourself up for a healthy and happy postpartum; you get the importance of having a plan in place, food in the freezer and a support crew on call; you’re keen to go into motherhood feeling confident. I’ve got you!

Join me for a half-day workshop where I and Renee Lynch, health coach and final year naturopathy student, will help you prime your mind, stock your pantry and load up on practical advice on everything from realistic self-care to setting boundaries.

We’ll chat together, setting up strategies and life hacks. We’ll cook together, teaching you the simple ways to meet your nutrient needs as a new mama. And we’ll gather together for a lovely lunch at the end of it all that will give you a taster of just how delicious food that fuels motherhood can be.

You’ll take home Cocoon’s organic beef curry for the freezer (or a sweet potato, cannelini bean and mozzarella bake if you’re vegetarian) and two postpartum meal kits to store in the pantry until you pop. You’ll also score my favourite Cocoon postpartum recipes,

When: Saturday November 16, 10am-2pm

Where: Waverton, Sydney

Cost: $275


Postpartum Planning Sessions

This one’s for those of you who want to work with me, but don’t live in Sydney. I have a limited number of 1:1 postpartum planning sessions that I’ll be taking over Zoom (like Skype, but better!). What will it look like? You and me, sitting down for 90 minutes and nutting out a really solid strategy for support, self-care, boundaries and nourishment during your fourth trimester.

You can ask me whatever you want: we’re going to talk hopes, fears, where you’re at and where you want to be. I’ll help you troubleshoot the practical stuff, hold space for what’s going on emotionally and guide you to a place where you feel as prepared for this new chapter as you possibly can be.

And when you give birth, I’ll post you a care package of my Milky Tea and organic lactation cookies (valued at $60) - no matter where you are in the world.

Bookings are available from the end of November into 2020.