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Naomi delivers food specially tailored to the needs of new mums. Good nutrition is vital after you’ve gone through pregnancy and birth—not to mention breastfeeding, sleep deprivation and hormones that have gone a little nuts. And is there anything better than having it delivered to your door?

Nutrient dense and delicious, Cocoon food is packed with top-quality ingredients renowned for their postnatal healing properties in many cultures (and we only ever use grass-fed, organic meat and free-range, pastured eggs). Think comfort food, without the crap.

Order by midnight on Monday and we’ll deliver your food package on Thursday between 9am-1pm. We’ll leave it on your doorstep—if you’re going to be out for a while, please leave an esky out for us to pop your food in so it stays cool. If you’d like us to text you when we’re there, let us know when you make your order.

Our food package—enough to last a week—takes its cues from Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions, which prize warming, blood-building and circulation-boosting ingredients. This stuff will support your milk supply, give you energy and soothe jangled nerves.

$5 from every food package is donated to our charities of choice - Birth for Humankind and PANDA.

We love food that fulfills a purpose, so we focus on nourishment that’s hydrating, anti-inflammatory and helps heal your gut. How come? Well, a few reasons: the right food can help your body heal and produce milk. Plus, studies indicate that when you don’t get the right nutrients, you’re at a higher risk of developing mood disorders.

Research has linked depression to inflammation. It’s also shown that the gut-brain connection has a role in regulating mood, and a 2013 study published in the Asian Journal of Psychiatry found a strong correlation between inflammation, serotonin levels, and postpartum depression.

It’s simple, really: this is good food that tastes great and helps you handle everything motherhood throws at you.

So, without further ado… here’s exactly what Cocoon will deliver to your door.

Each package contains a week’s worth of postnatal specific food—but we haven’t forgotten about the rest of the family. If you’d like, add on a family meal or two so we can take care of dinner as well (check out the weekly specials when you click to order).



Organic bone broth with warming spices - choose from chicken, beef or shitaake (vegan)

1 litre (4-6 serves)

Hydrating broth is your best friend after baby—it’s a post-natal staple that helps replenish liquids lost in birth and supports breastmilk production. Bones, slowly simmered, release essential minerals as well as amino acids glycine and proline which can help with soft tissue and wound healing. The resulting broth is anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, gut-supporting and loaded with warming spices (in the Chinese post-partum tradition, it’s important to keep mama warm, inside and out). The number one food all traditional cultures give to new mums? Broth. Get on it. (And yes, if you’re vegan/vego, we’ve got your back: we have a delish mushroom-based broth that is real immune booster).


12 organic coconut, goji berry and choc-chip lactation cookies

Goji berries are a prized post-partum superfood in Chinese tradition, and they’re thought to get your reproductive system back to its best. Paired with the healthy fats from coconut and magnesium-rich dark chocolate, this is one delicious and functional cookie - plus, we’ve added two ingredients thought to support plentiful breastmilk production: brewer’s yeast (loaded with Vitamin B) and oats (a great low-GI energy source). Not breastfeeding? These are amazing energy bites loaded with nutritional value—and the aforementioned ingredients offer fantastic benefits for anyone (partners included!)


Oma’s organic pate

200 grams

Chicken livers, while not the most lovely thing to think about, are loaded with iron—exactly what you need during the postpartum period. Iron is the most common deficiency in new mums, thanks to a domino effect: it’s already been leant on heavily during pregnancy, and then add on blood loss during childbirth and the transfer of nutrients when breastfeeding: hello, fatigue and brain fog. Pate is also packed with vitamins A, B, D and E, as well as omega 3s, so it punches well above its weight—and it’s delicious smeared on hot toast.


Organic Calming Cacao

(1 Litre: 4-6 serves)

Think of this as super-charged hot chocolate (although you can definitely drink it cold, if you prefer): this rich, satisfying drink is full of the stuff that does a new mum’s body good according to Ayurvedic tradition. Cacao is rich in magnesium, which can help you sleep, as well as fatty-acid neurotransmitters anandamide and PEA, known as the bliss chemicals. We’ve included ashwagandha, a gentle adaptogen that is said to relieve stress, aid sleep and stimulate milk production. And with a dollop of organic ghee (a post-partum staple—fat is vital right now), you’ve got an Ayurvedic super drink that is really damn delicious.


Red date and goji berry infusion

1 litre (4-6 serves)

This classic Chinese postnatal elixir contains the “wonder duo” of warming ingredients: red dates, that are dense in vitamins and antioxidants and are thought to boost your circulation and help you relax; and goji berries, those cute little superfoods that are warming to the body. Naturally sweet and hydrating, this is a great one to sip while you’re feeding.


Gut-loving caraway sauerkraut

300 grams

Remember the whole gut-brain connection? Let’s support your tummy—with a raw, fermented sauerkraut that offers digestive enzymes, B vitamins, vitamin C and probiotics (did you know there’s evidence that the latter can guard against postpartum depression?). Sauerkraut helps you digest your food properly, and absorb more nutrients. A healthy gut can mean better sleep (melatonin is manufactured in the gut), a stronger immune system (70% of your immune system is in the gut), and more balanced hormones (good gut bacteria like beta-glucoronidase helps to re-uptake estrogen back into the body). 

TOTAL (delivery included): $159