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Good food and a helping hand for newly-minted mamas… because giving birth is just the beginning.

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What is it that I do, exactly? So glad you asked:


The food new mamas need, delivered to their door

Seasonal and fresh, Cocoon food is made with mamas in mind. We’ve designed a weekly package of nutrient-dense foods loaded with target ingredients that help you recover, regain your energy and support your breastfeeding journey.

Over cooking dinner for the family? We can deliver something delicious to your door, too—just choose to add on one of our weekly specials.

Oh, and PS: we do gift cards as well, for legends who like to give new families useful gifts.



Support, at your place

Giving birth is just the beginning: the early days of motherhood are full on in every way. As a post-natal doula, Naomi fills your home with encouragement, reassurance and practical help.

So, what does a post-natal doula actually do?

On any given day, Naomi will come round with food and spend a few hours making sure everything’s running smoothly. The list is endless, but it might mean helping troubleshoot feeding and settling issues, changing your sheets, doing laundry, giving you a shoulder rub, organising a meal train with your mates, wrangling an older child while you spend time with your littlest, or giving you a big old hug.

That last one’s her specialty.



"I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Naomi during my fourth trimester. As a first time mum, I focused way too much on the birth and not enough time preparing myself for what came after that. Naomi’s weekly visits were exactly what I needed in a period which seems like such a haze now. From the support and understanding to the help around the house and not to mention the delicious food she would bring me - what Cocoon provided was truly invaluable. P.S. Thank you for holding my baby so I could enjoy a cup of tea and one of your gorgeous lactation cookies!"

- Millie, North Sydney

"I was blessed to have Naomi in my life after the birth of my second child - through her I became familiar with the concept of the first forty days and the true idea of “the village”. Naomi IS the village. She stopped by my house with the most amazing, thoughtful bounty - homemade pie, lactation cookies fresh from the oven (to die for!), nourishing bone broth, tea and herbs straight from the garden. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful the food was, and just how uplifting it felt to have someone in my life who cared so deeply. A few months in, when sleep deprivation, winter and a child in preschool all conspired to gift me a respiratory infection, Naomi was there, on my doorstep one night with immune-boosting mushroom broth. What would I have done without her?! She is one of a kind; a warm, generous, funny, caring soul sister. Thank you, Naomi!”

- Greer, Sydenham

“Thank you for our delivery of nourishing goodness. I can’t tell you how grateful we were last night to eat the delightful coconut beef curry—what a relief to not have to worry about cooking dinner. And I love that I can eat pate for breakfast! Thank you for everything you do—including the homegrown bunch of rosemary and hugs, too.”

- Lou, Springwood

“Those first few weeks after having a baby are made that much easier with the delicious and nurturing food by Naomi. The lactation cookies were so yummy, supporting my milk supply and keeping me going during the night feeds. The pate! Heaven. And so easy just to spread on some toast for a powerhouse snack. I could have drunk litres of the soothing cacao drink too. Honestly, this made such a difference when coming home from the hospital. Thank you, Naomi, for just the right support at the right time. Forever appreciative.”

- Anne-Marie, Kirribilli

“Naomi delivered a beautiful care package straight to my door packed with nourishing and delicious food. I loved the lactation cookies (which I ate in record time) and everything from the bone broth to the pate was divine.”

-Magda, Mortdale